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    “A Birthday, An Old Hat, and Unexpected Tears”

    Tonight was one of those nights.  I went to Monday night yoga as usual, not really feeling any different than I had all day.  It was Monday, and time to get back into my work routine.  I ran into class a few minutes late, placed my yoga mat down on the floor and began to do the relaxation breathing.  I closed my eyes and began visualizing a beautiful beach scene when suddenly out of nowhere………I could feel myself beginning to shake from the inside and then it happened. Hot tears began streaming down my face. 

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    If You Have a Strong Faith, Will You Grieve Less During Child Loss?

    For a long time, I had the misconception that the stronger my faith, the less problems I would have.  I also believed with all of my heart that the stronger my faith, the more good things would come into my life.  I sincerely (and wrongly) believed that if I had a super strong faith, I lived in somewhat of a protective bubble that would keep the bad stuff away.

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    Child Loss: If I Could Change One Thing in My LIfe…..

    Have you ever wondered about the answer to this question:  “What is the one thing that, if given the chance to change, you would change in your life?” I think about this all of the time as I play different scenarios in my head.  If this would happen, then that would be the result.  “If I had not been born into a poor family, then this is how my life would be now.”  “If I hadn’t been born terribly shy, then I could have gone on to be a super motivating public speaker.”  “If I didn’t have such a large nose (that always bothered me — I have a larger…

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    Child Loss: Unless You’ve Walked in My Shoes — Don’t Talk!

    Note:  This was written one year and three months before the death of my adult son.  Little did I know how much more my grief would increase in just a few months!  Since the original writing, I have written two books, Child Loss – the Heartbreak and the Hope  and Hope 365. Not a day goes by without someone making comments to me that are questioning the validity of the intensity of pain a parent feels when child loss occurs.  I understand that people are trying to “get it” when it comes to losing a child, but some comments are beyond my realm of thinking. “I loved my dog just…

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    Child Loss: The Empty Place at the Table

      Losing a child creates all kinds of emotions that we’ve never felt before.  There is an inner emptiness that can never be described in human terms.  We know what it feels like to miss someone we love………..but to miss a child is so very different from any kind of sorrow known to mankind.  There is a yearning, a longing, a feeling of being so incomplete that our heart feels like it’s going to break in two.  There is an emptiness that reaches clear into our very souls! For those who don’t know, my name is Clara Hinton, and I’m the author of the book, “Silent Grief” — a book…