Child Loss

About the book:

This book was born from a heart that has been broken by the loss of two of Clara Hinton’s sons. It is her belief that hearts broken by the loss of a child will always have a void, and there will forever be a longing ache for the child that is no longer here. But, we can and must learn to live in our brokenness. Deep within our hearts are seeds of hope. When we nurture those seeds we will learn how to see life with eyes of love once again.

It is Clara’s sincere hope and prayer that as you read Child Loss: The Heartbreak and the Hope your heart will be warmed and you will be able to see life from a new perspective that moves far beyond the heartbreak of child loss into the light of hope. She wants to thank you for walking through this journey of loss with her. As we rewrite our story from within our brokenness, may our story be one of courage and hope!

This book is a must-have for anyone who has experienced the loss of a child. It is a practical guide for reentering life after loss and will most assuredly plant seeds of hope within your broken heart.

Practice fiercely loving others in a world that is unfair, in a world where children die, in a world where there are horrible diseases, and in a world where terrible things happen to beautiful people. Love is the connector to hope.

When we love within our life of pain, we love with completeness. We love with honesty. We love with acceptance of others. We love with forgiveness. We love with passion. We love with courage. We love with bravery.

We love with an expectation and a desire to help others in their brokenness. We love with trust.
And, this wildly passionate love for others and ourselves is what rebuilds the story of our broken lives with hope.

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