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    Child Loss: The Empty Place at the Table

      Losing a child creates all kinds of emotions that we’ve never felt before.  There is an inner emptiness that can never be described in human terms.  We know what it feels like to miss someone we love………..but to miss a child is so very different from any kind of sorrow known to mankind.  There is a yearning, a longing, a feeling of being so incomplete that our heart feels like it’s going to break in two.  There is an emptiness that reaches clear into our very souls! For those who don’t know, my name is Clara Hinton, and I’m the author of the book, “Silent Grief” — a book…

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    Child Loss: Where Are My Friends?

    “What happened?  Where are my friends?” Those are probably two of the most pain-filled questions that parents and families of child loss ask following the death of a child.  This seems to be the one thing that is misunderstood the most by grieving parents. 

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    Welcome to the Silent Grief Child Loss Support Blog!

    Many of you already know me from previous writings about child loss on Facebook, on the ClaraHinton.com Website, on the SilentGrief.com website which actually began many years ago, and through the book Silent Grief. And, now look at us — here we are meeting together to form another way to support each other through this journey of child loss. I am looking forward to talking with you, and helping you through this grief walk. It’s my hope that we’ll become like a “family” here, and that we will get to know one another and learn from each other about what is helping us get through this pain known as child loss.…