Yoga for grief

Research states that mind-body practices such as yoga and meditation reduce pain, anxiety, confusion, stress, fatigue and negative mood. Researchers are also now beginning to see the healing benefits these practices have for coping with grief, especially when practiced daily. Visit this link for a free yoga practice designed to help you through your grief.

Personalized Child Loss Books:

Personalized memorial books are a beautiful way to honor a child who has died. Customized with the child’s own name, the book is a perfect keepsake for family and friends to treasure. The story carries a gentle message of hope, reminding the reader of the many ways a loved one who has died, still lives within and around us.

Natural Wellness Products:

The Church Protect Gifts shop on Etsy sells handcrafted items made only from the highest quality materials for natural wellness. During your grief, it is important to relax and take care of yourself, and these products are designed to help you do so. Also, all proceeds go to Church Protect, Inc., a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping protect children from sexual abuse and providing support to those who have already been affected by abuse.